26. What are my shipping options?

We ship globally and offer a range of shipping options, from drop-off delivery to white glove service including full installation. We work with a handful of shipping companies and have negotiated excellent bulk rates based on the large volume of freezers we move. So you can be assured whatever option you choose, you’re getting an […]

22. What if the freezer is not operating?

Troubleshooting guide is listed in Owner’s Manual for the freezer. Check following: Power cord unplugged or loose Faulty receptacle Circuit breaker tripped, or blown fuse, or open supply circuit Improper power supply applied to the freezer Freezer switch at the front turned off (13/22USG and 44UDG models only) Freezer in the 6-minute startup delay mode […]

21. How do I change the freezers desired temperature?

Thermostat adjustments are explained in detail in Owner’s Manuals. On 13/22USG and 44UDG models, remove the front bottom grill to gain access to the electronic controller. Press P button on the controller, SP1 flashing will follow, then use arrow UP and/or arrow DOWN to increase/decrease the desired temperature. Press and release P to store the […]