12. How do I replace the internal light bulbs?

The procedure to replace bulbs is explained in the owner’s manual. The freezer power cord must be unplugged prior to replacing light bulbs.

On 13/22USG and 44UDG models, the freezer must be emptied and shelves removed before commencing with bulb replacement. On 2/4/6USG freezers, only the products around the bulb must be removed to gain enough access. These are simplified steps to replace the bulbs:

  • Remove clear plastic cover that fits over the light bulb(s)
  • Squeeze the plastic sleeve against the bulb with both hands to get a good grip, rotate bulb 1/4 turn and pull out of sockets
  • Replace the bulb in the sleeve and install into sockets. Turn the bulb with 1/4 turn until the bulb is firmly in the sockets.
  • Replace the clear plastic cover

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