Optional Graphics


Optional Graphics

Get noticed with attention grabbing graphics that include backlit displays and side decals. Create your own or choose one of the following generic designs.


Product Overview

We Meet Your Merchandising Needs with Custom Freezer Graphics

A well-designed refrigerated glass door merchandiser is an effective way of showcasing and promoting your products, but adding custom freezer graphics provides an extra exclamation point to your message.

At Minus Forty Technologies, we strive to find the best ways to meet your merchandising needs and we’ll work with you to ensure you get a graphic solution that best promotes your brand and encourages impulse sales.

Our Custom Freezer Graphics are a Perfect Fit for Our Products and Your Merchandising Needs

Minus Forty products offer you an excellent stage for branding, advertising and product promotion. They’re already designed with the intention of attracting customers in all areas of a store, and adding your custom graphics is a great way for you to stand out. Each side of the unit provides the perfect billboard while many models have built-in LED displays for customer backlit graphics to captivate customers.

Choose from Our Prepared Designs or Send Us Your Own

Minus Forty gives you the option of creating your own designs, choosing from one of our generic designs or putting our graphics department to work designing something new for your brand. Our generic in-house options include the following:

  • Cool Blue
  • Glam
  • Graffiti
  • Radical
  • Retro Summer

Whether your design or ours, we’ll save you time and money by printing and installing the graphics  when we build your merchandiser. Nothing happens after market.

Minus Forty freezers and coolers are more than just a perfect place to showcase your products. Our options for custom freezer graphics help you really put your brand and merchandise on the map and allow you to stand out in a unique and creative way. Contact us today to get yours.