Single Glass Door Upright Freezers

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Find Out Which Single Glass Door Upright Freezer Best Compliments Your Business Goals

Why Go With a Single Glass Door Upright Freezer?

Great styling! Great features! Great longevity!

Reliability, Durability and More

Our single glass door upright freezers are proven to be extremely durable and reliable. Many customers have placed repeat orders because of the difference they see between their existing freezers and their new Minus Forty freezers. With dual high intensity LED strips, casters for easy placement, a self-closing torsion bar door and a maintenance free condenser, we know you will be satisfied with your freezer.

We Strive to Improve

Many existing single glass door uprights on the market have a high failure rate due to dirt clogging the heat removal vents causing longer cooling cycles, overheating and even catastrophic failure. The only way to prevent this from happening was to clean the mechanism regularly, sometimes weekly. Business owners can’t afford the continued expense, so regular maintenance goes undone. Even if maintenance is regularly performed, the long term cost can actually exceed the initial purchase cost of the merchandiser. We build our uprights with dirt immunity – making failure (and maintenance) a thing of the past.

Experience the Difference for Yourself

These are not entry level products. Our commercial stand up freezers are built to last and provide even, consistent temperatures for the life of the product. Maintenance free operation and low-energy consumption means these products can save you money over the long term.

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