Single Glass Door Coolers / Refrigerators

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Single Glass Door Coolers & Refrigerators that Put Your Products Front and Centre

Combining eye-catching design with advanced technology and an emphasis on quality, single glass door coolers and refrigerators from Minus Forty Technologies give you the perfect merchandising option.

From slimline to standard width models and capacities up to almost 23 cubic feet, our freestanding single glass door coolers can fit almost anywhere. With optional accessories to maximize your pack-out or optional custom graphics to highlight your brand, we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

Rethinking the Wheel

Many single glass door uprights on the market have a high failure rate. Antiquated designs allow dirt to clog the heat removal vents, leading to longer cooling cycles, overheating and even catastrophic failure. The only way to prevent this from happening in older units is to clean the vents regularly, sometimes weekly. Business owners can’t afford the continued expense, so regular maintenance often goes undone. We build our uprights with maintenance free condensers* providing better efficiencies and reducing the cost of regular maintenance.

High-Tech, High-Efficiency Cooling Products

Our single glass door coolers and refrigerators utilize advanced technology to make your use of our products easier and more efficient. With a set-point temperature range from 32ºF (0ºC to 50ºF (10ºC) to keep your products fresh and cool, they’re also loaded with beneficial standard features.

Take a Closer Look at Our Single Glass Door Coolers and Refrigerators

Browse our product pages to learn more about each of our high-tech, high efficiency single glass door cooler and refrigerators, or feel free to contact us today with any questions.


*Regular cleaning and maintenance not required under normal operating conditions. Some exceptions may apply. Contact Minus Forty for more information.