Low Profile Series Single & Double Door Coolers/Refrigerators

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Our Low Profile Series Single and Double Door Coolers & Refrigerators: Small in Stature, Big on Performance.

Good business practice means putting your products in the best paths of your customers. We help you meet this need by creating low profile coolers and refrigerators that fit perfectly in the high-traffic areas of any store, whether it’s an aisle, the checkout or front end merchandising.

Our low profile series single and double door coolers & refrigerators are environmentally friendly with features like triple pane Low E glass doors, high intensity energy efficient LED interior lighting and extra thick insulation that significantly reduces the need to constantly pump in a flow of cool air.

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HA Record of Quality and Support

Our low profile medium temp coolers are designed and built with the same high quality materials and components as their low-temp mates. We take pride in manufacturing products that deliver years of worry-free performance.

All of our models are CSA/UL NSF certified. and our staff is here to help provide you with the right solutions and products for your needs.

A Committed, Knowledgeable Team and Consistent Testing Helps Us Create the Right Products for You

The research and development department at Minus Forty consists of a team of engineers with 45 years of related experience in commercial refrigeration.

Our extensive design and manufacturing experience allows us to identify the most efficient methods, materials and technology to produce advanced quality products.

With constant testing and development we’re able to provide optimum performance and reliability. Every unit we build is run tested for eight hours and all results are stored by serial number for future reference.

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