Low Profile Series Single and Double Door Freezers

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Energy Efficient Single and Double Door Freezers

Get Your Front End Merchandise Noticed

Statistically, shoppers will cover only about 50% of a store – but the checkout area is one place they’re guaranteed to visit 100% of the time. It’s the area with the highest number of impulse purchases and incremental sales. Our low profile single glass door upright models target front-end merchandising and increase sales by drawing consumer attention.

With a minimal footprint and a height of only 54”, commercial stand up freezers fit seamlessly and can take the place of existing racks or shelf units without any modifications.

The 09, 10 and 15 series are all about reliability and getting products noticed.

Energy Efficient Green Designs

Our Single and Double Door Freezers are equipped with long life dual LED High Intensity Interior Lighting, so you will rarely need to replace bulbs. They are outfitted with thick wall insulation and heat reflective, insulated safety door glass to retain air temperature handily, reducing the need to pump out a constant stream of cold air.

Low Maintenance

Our low profile freezers are regarded by customers as durable and reliable. With easy to move casters, a self-closing torsion bar door and low maintenance requirements we know you will be more than satisfied with these modern uprights.

Other upright freezers on the market have high failure rates caused by clogging of the heat exchange mechanism. Frequent cleaning is the only way to relieve this clogging in existing, dated cooling designs. For any business with multiple locations or multiple freezers, it is prohibitively expensive to keep up with the necessary maintenance schedule. Over time the cost of maintenance can actually the initial purchase cost of the merchandiser.

We build our uprights so dirt doesn’t collect and failure is a thing of the past. No need to replace burnt out freezers, no reason to waste man hours on repairs.

Our Single and Double Door Freezers Feature:

Our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any questions you might have. These low profile freezers feature electronic digital control and real time temperature display, automatic frost free operation, ozone friendly refrigerant, high speed freezing through forced air, heated door glass to remove any condensation, a maintenance free condenser* to eliminate regular cleaning and a lot more.

*Regular cleaning and maintenance not required under normal operating conditions. Some exceptions may apply. Contact Minus Forty for more information.

Call us today to find out for yourself why many of our customers have returned to us repeatedly through the last 20 years to add to their freezer systems.