Freezer & Cooler Accessories to Highlight Your Products or Simplify Your Pack-out

When it comes to showcasing your mouth-watering merchandise, sometimes standard coolers and freezers just aren’t enough. Maybe it’s an issue as simple as a lack of space, or maybe you want to display some products more prominently than others.

Minus Forty offers a wide range of freezer and cooler accessories for each of our product lines, from custom graphics to shelves, baskets and dividers to enhance your brand or organize your pack-out.

Our Accessories are Compact with Options for Custom Design

Freezer and cooler accessories from Minus Forty Technologies allow you to prominently display your products to draw more attention from customers.

We also offer options for custom designs, giving you plenty of options to brand your accessories however you want.

Whether you want to draw more eyes to a certain aisle, at the checkout or in your front-end merchandising, our vibrant custom designs allow you to speak more directly to the customers your products appeal to.

See our Selection of Freezer and Cooler Accessories

Each product line carries its own set of optional accessories. Click on the links below to view the variety of freezer and cooler accessories we manufacture.

  • AngleVision: Self-contained, horizontal merchandisers that are ideal for high traffic, aisle and front end.
  • Upright Freezers & Coolers: Short and slim in size, these are also perfect for placement in any high traffic areas, aisles and the front end.
  • Aisle-Mate: A small, slim, self-cleaning series of chest freezers specifically designed for high-traffic areas.
  • Counter-Mates: Low profile, low temp, frost free, energy-efficient glass door products ideal for under-valued counter space.
  • Vending Carts: Easy portable products that can provide 12 – 16 hours of free-wheeling ice cream selling.

How you showcase your products doesn’t stop with standard coolers and freezers. Go the extra mile and make the most of your merchandising space with quality accessories from Minus Forty Technologies. Browse our product pages to learn more, or feel free to contact us today to place an order for your customized freezer solution.