Innovative Refrigerators and Freezers that Meet the Needs of Your Retail Business through Technology and Efficiency

Running a successful retail business means staying on top of the technology that can give you a competitive edge or save you money over the long term. That’s a truth that Minus Forty Technologies knows well, and it’s why we work to bring retailers a line of refrigerator and freezer merchandisers with a firm focus on advanced features and simple operation.

Perfect for placement in any section of a retail store, from back aisles to high-traffic areas, each of our products is built with worry free reliability and durability and useful features that make them superior for food storage and easy for businesses to use.

See our selection of refrigerator and freezer products here:

Optional Graphics Offer Custom Branding Solutions for Your Business

As part of our commitment to meeting the needs of your business, we go above and beyond providing you with advanced products for food storage. We also offer optional graphics, allowing you to get custom branding solutions for your business by adorning each of your refrigeration and freezer products with your logo or other relevant business information.

A Quality Team that Produces Quality Products

Our team of in-house engineers has designation in refrigeration, mechanical and process engineering and 45 years of related experience. We also work with comprehensive knowledge of manufacturing processes and materials, offer 24/7 support, and run test every product for 8 hours.

We do all of this so we can continue to provide you with quality products that meet your needs across the board.

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We’re here to work with you and meet your needs. Our emphasis on ease of use and consistent customer support helps us establish longstanding relationships with many of our customers. Contact us today to learn more and see how we can help your business flourish.