We believe in doing more than meeting the needs of our clients. We believe in going above and beyond for each of our customers, offering custom solutions for refrigerated foods – solutions that offer the highest quality in technology, efficiency and branding capabilities.

Our products are built to be extremely durable and reliable and include several advanced features such as high intensity LED lighting, electronic digital control and continuous temperature display, fully automatic frost free operation, eco-friendly R290 natural refrigerant, a self-cleaning condenser design and much more.

Get a better look at the products we carry and how our focus can bring you the best solutions for merchandising refrigerated foods:

Backed by a Professional Team with Knowledge of Engineering and Manufacturing and a Dedication to Delivering the Right Results for Your Business

Our team of professional engineers carries experience in refrigeration, mechanical and process engineering and over 45 years of related experience in refrigeration.

We apply this wide-ranging expertise to all aspects of our work, allowing us to create the most advanced, efficient and innovative refrigeration applications for our clients. We know the high standards to which you hold your business, and strive to provide environmentally and user-friendly solutions that not only meet them, but exceed them.

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With our commitment to bringing you custom-tailored solutions that meet your needs for the highest levels of reliability and efficiency, Minus Forty Technologies can provide you with the right products. Contact us today to learn more.