Protect Your Merchandise During Ice Cream Season with Minus Forty’s Commercial Ice Cream Freezers

You hold every aspect of your business to the highest standards – so why should the way you merchandise and store your frozen treats be any different?

At Minus Forty we design and manufacture durable and long lasting commercial ice cream freezers that do much more than provide you with cold storage. We believe in going the extra mile to get your merchandise noticed and strive to reflect that with our unique, versatile and innovative products.

Our ice cream freezers boast many high end features like standard LED high intensity interior lighting, fully automatic frost free operation, heated glass doors to eliminate condensation and a self-cleaning condenser design. If a customer holds the door open to make their choice, don’t worry about your merchandise thawing out and turning grainy. Minus Forty commercial ice cream freezers will keep the temperature cool and even, so your products aren’t compromised.

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We Keep Quality in Mind with a Professional Team and Constant Testing

Our engineering team designs and develops our ice cream freezers in house. We bring our customers the benefits of 45 years of related experience in refrigeration, something we utilize each and every day to create innovative and efficient commercial-grade products that meet the needs of our customers.

We also have detailed knowledge of manufacturing processes and materials, another aspect that helps us retain quality and efficiency in what we do. Every single freezer we manufacture is extensively tested to ensure optimum performance and reliability, and all results are stored by serial number for future reference.

We take the quality of your product very seriously, and strive to show that in our processes and results.

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