Keep Your Beverages Cool with Our Customized, Standard-Setting and Highly Efficient Solutions

Technology now plays a critical role in just about every aspect of business, and storing your beverages is no exception. Coolers need to be more user and environmentally friendly than they did 15 years ago. That’s a truth Minus Forty understands, and a key reason we go above and beyond the basics of refrigeration, providing our clients with customized, modern and green cooling solutions.

Designed with reliability, durability and zero maintenance in mind, our beverage cooling systems boast a wide range of advanced features such as the utilization of LED technology, programmable electronic control with continuous temperature display, an audible door open alarm with a visual message, high efficiency triple pane low-e glass tempered doors, a self-cleaning condenser and much, much more.

Take a look at some of our high quality cooling products:

Beverage Cooling Products from a Highly Knowledgeable and Experienced Engineering and Manufacturing Team

Our promise to deliver innovative, customized beverage cooling products that meet the needs of our clients is backed by our professional staff.

We have a team of engineers with designation in refrigeration, mechanical and process engineering and 45 years of related experience in refrigeration alone, working with a mandate to design the most advanced, efficient refrigerators for our customers. We also employ spanning knowledge of manufacturing processes and materials.

Our experience in engineering and manufacturing is applied to what we do every day, and is how we’re able to bring our clients the best beverage cooling solutions for their needs.

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