The Minus Forty Solutions

Custom Solutions

We listen to and understand your needs, this helps us create freezers that are unique, reliable and perform to the highest standards..

Minus Forty® has unmatched versatility, we will provide unique, customized, innovative and reliable freezing and cooling products that are distinctly different for each of our clients freezer needs.

Engineering Capabilities

Minus Forty® has their own engineers working in our research and development department. Our team consists of professionals with designation in refrigeration, mechanical and process engineering. We have 45 years of related experience in refrigeration alone.

Our company has been successful in designing many products and has been recognized by the Canadian Government for our technological advancements for the past 5 years. Our organization is committed to making substantial investment to this department.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Minus Forty® possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise over a broad spectrum of manufacturing processes and materials. Enabling us to quickly identify the most efficient design, utilizing the best manufacturing methods and materials for each unique freezer application.


All Minus Forty® freezers are extensively tested to ensure optimum performance and reliability. All freezers are tested in a controlled environment for a predetermined amount of time and all results are stored by serial number for future reference.