A Brand You Can Trust for all Your Commercial Freezer Needs

At the Front Edge of the Industry

As leaders in the commercial freezer and cooler industry, our priority is to design and manufacture products that help promote and increase the sale of our customer’s products. Delivering the most innovative and reliable solutions will ensure long-term business partnerships with our customers for their refrigerated merchandising needs

Our Mission

Working as a team with a pro-active customer-driven mandate, we develop innovative commercial freezers, commercial coolers for display merchandising that keep up with global energy-efficiency trends while providing modern, attractive presentation avenues for your temperature sensitive products.

Our Environmental Mission

It is our responsibility to help ensure that future generations can live in a clean and healthy world. Green initiatives abound in every aspect of our business. Minus Forty was the first commercial refrigeration manufacturer to introduce energy saving LED lighting and a unique condenser style that helps maintain operating efficiency. We’ve extended this into our manufacturing facility as well by generating our own solar power.

We Value Innovation

Our innovative frozen and refrigerated product solutions help create brand recognition and awareness for our customers. We combine our experience and specialized knowledge with inventive thinking to constantly offer flexible service, customized options, and distinctive designs, which all combine to assure brand recognition and product awareness for each of our clients.

Building the Brand

The Minus Forty brand is unique and comes in many different styles, shapes, sizes and colors. As a team, we all share the same brand idea, values and business principles and yet we embrace creativity, diversity, entrepreneurship, innovation, flexibility and distinction. We develop and build on these core beliefs to define how we design and deliver our products. In the process of pursuing our market objectives, we enhance the strength and recognition of our company and contribute to delivering the brand promise: offering our clients comprehensive refrigeration solutions for their business and brand needs.

An Indispensible Value

Our brand is one of our most valuable assets. It sets us apart from our competitors; it has a great reputation, attracts new customers and builds loyalty. It creates a common culture for our multi-faceted business, an identity that talented people want to be a part of. It’s the driving force behind our success.

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